Florida sunshine and more…

We had a great adventure the past couple weeks with my sister Linda and her husband Blake.  We celebrated our 35th wedding Anniversary by going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and then spent another week on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.  The beaches were beautiful, lots of sunshine and best of all time spent with Linda and Blake!  Great memories!



Trent and Blake visiting Blackbeard’s Castle on the Island of St. Maarten with Jack Sparrow.   


Linda snapping a picture of me snapping a picture of her.    This Island was 1/2 French and 1/2 Dutch.  Linda and I spent the afternoon walking thru beach shops and having really good French style crepes at a cute little beachside cafĂ©.   We also went shopping and spent every last cent and were laughing because we had to borrow $3 from a store owner to end a sale…but it was worth it!


Mega huge 1 story TV screen on the cruise ship.  It made us nauseous to watch though because it was sooo large!  Especially the day they let the kids on the ship play video games on it…






Last night on the ship.  We will miss not being “served” dinner…and someone to wait on us…hummm


Miami Beach

We stayed on the Gulf side of Florida and had fun exploring that side of the world.  We visited a Manatee Center and saw several at the Marina where we were staying.



We stayed in the town of Ruskin Florida at this Condo at Little Harbor.   


And we we ended up at Harry Potter Land!!  Since we were only 1 1/2 hours away we decided to go check it out… it was pretty cool and we had all sorts of fun.  Don’t tell the Grandkids though…



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