April - 2016 Warmest Spring in history!  There were more days 80 and above!  It was HOT.

 Apple and Pear and Cherry Blossoms were out early and lots of them!  Warm weather all month!
 These two secretly wish they could work here...
 First time Ben saw how HUGE Snoqualmie Falls are!
 Snoqualmie Train was a blast with the kids, left out of cute town of Snoqualmie and went to North Bend and to overlook the waterfall.  
 St. George temple.  Trent's great great Grandfather and his nine sons hauled all the stones that this temple was built with.  Pretty cool history!  Beautiful temple inside too.
 New two person pedal Kayak, we have already taken it out several times, really moves!
 Tallest Waterfalls on all the Hawaiian Islands, here on the Big Island of Hawaii.
This flower in the tropical jungle of Hawaii was the most interesting and beautiful flower we've ever seen, never seen one like this, ever.   It's about 4 feet high.  Really cool.  And another pretty waterfall.

 Death Valley National Park CA.  Quite the interesting day trip from Las Vegas.  Very amazing sight up above of Dante's view, miles and miles of Salt Flats and NO trees anywhere in sight.  Had a great trip here.

April is the start of Baseball Season and we love watching Ryan hit the ball, he is really good!
March 2016

 The blossoms at the Seattle temple are so beautiful this time of year we love working there!
 The look on Elinor's face is priceless, she doesn't want to go home, she wants to stay at our house!!
 New two person kayak!
 Ashlee and Elinor on Easter.
 A beautiful week in Puerto Vallarta.


 Sophie practicing for her new baby sister coming in a few weeks.
Fun trip to see Ashlee's family in Kennewick in March and celebrate Oliver's 7th Birthday.  We have Oliver, Sophie, Ryan and Ben's birthday's in March.  Lots of cake and no one is complaining about all the parties!

Marching into 2016


Cancun Mexico was warm and beautiful.

February:  Fabulous trip to the Lands of the Book of Mormon and great to be with family and friends. We visited many ruins in Guatemala, Honduras  and a quick trip to Belize.

 We took several suitcases full of school supplies to this St. Angeles School Orphanage in Guatemala City.  The kids were so darling and sweet and we sang Once there was a Snowman song to them and helped them make snowflakes, it was a great memory.

 I really wanted to bring a whole bus load of these kids home, they were so sweet!  They are well taken care of here and have good schools and many opportunities to learn and grow up in this loving environment.

Lake Atlican, Guatamela was a really interesting place.  We visited one of 12 Mayan villages that you can only get there by boat, where they do a lot of weaving and crafting.  Beautiful place to visit.

Highlight of our trip was Tikal!  It was spectacular to see the enormous scale of this ruin in Guatemala.  We even climbed this bad boy, 22 stories high.  Really a great trip!

Valentines Day Cruise to Southern Caribbean with Linda and Blake.  We went to Belize, Rotan Honduras and Cozumel Mexico.  We sure had a great time together!

 This day was an adventure all around!  We took a 45 minute speed boat up a winding river in Belize 50 mph in the pouring rain to this Lamani Ruin deep in the jungle.  It was really fun to explore and it was fun learning about the people that lived here.  We think it's where King Lamoni ruled.

Marching on to March!

 January 2015 - Levenworth to start the year out right, Snow, Sledding, Swimming, Fun!

 February 2015:  Welcome to our family Theodore (Teddy) Francisco Lopez, Feb. 11th!

 Seattle Temple in the spring is beautiful!

 March 2015 Hawaii, Ben's 8th Birthday were highlights

 April 2015 Ben's Baptism and Spring Break at Lake Chelan

May 2015:  Trent turns 60!  

June 2015:  Ocean Shores, Uly graduates with his MBA

 Time at the Beach is the best!

 July 2015: New baby Elinor Marie Rencher born 7-16-15 Sweet as can be!  Trip to Ashton

Ashton, Idaho July

My Dad telling Ben the story of the bullet hole in this quilt...

 Our time at the farm in Ashton was filled with great memories, walks, fishing, cooking out over fire, a trip to Jackson and the kids were in heaven!  Ryan said he wants to live here forever!  Ben has always loved Grandpa Hillam and followed him around everywhere he went best buddies for sure! Celebrated Mom's 81st birthday and sure loved every minute!  Hard to choose just a few pictures.

August 2015:  August was filled with warm summer nights, best garden in years, hottest summer on record, fishing and having Elinor blessed.  We did an Alaskan cruise with all the Rencher's too!

 August 2, 2015.  Today Ben and Mercedes met us at Fay Bainbridge State Park for a BQ and to break the news that Ben got a call during church that the UW Endodontic Program offered him a post graduate position for 2016-18!  Very exciting news and a career path that he has worked hard for, so happy for them!!  Little Elinor 2 weeks old, first trip to the beach.

Alaska Cruise with all the Rencher's

September 2015:  Hot weather, harvesting the garden kept us busy, kids back to school.  We started off with a fun Labor Day weekend at Fort Worden which is our favorite!  Then Ben Started into his senior year in Dental School, Ben Harris started 3rd grade, Ryan started all day Kindergarden, Sophie started Preschool, Oliver started first grade!  Trent and I did a fun trip to Palm Beach and a Western Caribbean Cruise.

ST. Martin

Puerto Rico


 Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA


October 2015:  Halloween, Hawaii, Harvesting the Pumpkins!  Such a fun month!!

November 2015:  Puerto Vallarta MX, Thanksgiving, Cutting our Christmas Tree

 December 2015:  Christmas!  Family all here, cookies, presents, Santa, Christmas Eve and a quick fun trip to Vegas!

 Our 38th Anniversary 12-27-2015

 Christmas Day hike through the woods by our house, such a fun day we love Christmas~!!

Downtown Seattle at Christmas is very festive and fun!

Surprise snow storm on Dec. 27 was the best present and afternoon of fun outside!  It was beautiful!

We had a great four day trip to Vegas the first part of December, we enjoyed all the Christmas decorations and some play time with this cute family.